For more than 20 years, I have been active in marketing communications. First as a manager for companies operating worldwide such as AMP, Hill-Rom GmbH, later Biotest AG and subsequently at Brand Loyalty. I have always had a great passion for marketing and the related tasks. My passion is my profession!

The Trade Service Agency was founded in November 2005 with the firm determination to go my own way and to use the acquired knowledge to the benefit of my customers. Since then, my focus has been to handle the most diverse projects efficiently.

As a glass-half-full-type I see opportunities rather than risks. I ask a lot about myself and my team. A fundamental optimism makes me find solutions where others are still analyzing problems. True to my life motto: "Anything is possible!"

I look forward to assist you next!

Sincerely yours

Andrea Finsterbush



Particularly in global marketing, the motto is "think first, then act" and must not give way to blind actionism. A difficult undertaking in a dynamic, progressive world of communication that demands everything in real time.